Broome St. General Store


Off a busy street in Silver Lake, Broome St. General Store is a homely-little shop selling kitchenware, gifts, and specialty foods. Items such as mugs, gourmet jams, and mason jars of various sizes lined one of the shelves near the entrance. Upon stepping inside this quaint and cozy shop on a chilly weekday evening, I felt as if I had been transported to a quieter part of town. A few patrons were perusing the store, while carrying a conversation with the barista behind the counter. Outside on the patio, two other people were seated at one of the tables under the canopy of trees strung with lights, engaged in quiet conversation. A good location for enjoying a cup of coffee, and with so many unique items and a display of pastries brought in from some of the best nearby bakeries, I left with more than just my cappucino.

20141121_165540   20141121_165730   20141121_165843   20141121_170451 (3)


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