The Trails Cafe in Griffith Park


The Trails Cafe, tucked away amongst the trees of Griffith Park, is a true gem. The cafe operates like a large stand, and serves a delicious assortment of homemade pastries and pies, with many vegan-friendly options. There are also lunch items such as hot dogs and sandwiches, and the specials of the day feature fresh and unique quiches and pies. Stumptown coffee, assorted teas, and lemonade are also available. Pictured below is the Avocado Sandwich with tomato, alfalfa sprouts, onion, soy bacon bits, and cheddar cheese, and Stumptown coffee.


Often frequented by families, pets, and hikers, and the lengthy lunchtime line can take about 30 minutes on a nice weekend afternoon, which is most weekend afternoons in Los Angeles. As it is about a 20 minute hike from the popular Griffith Observatory and close to various trails within the park, this is the perfect spot for a stop before or after a hike. Seating consists of picnic tables, tree stumps, and bales of hay in a peaceful outdoor setting.

20141116_123310      20141116_114649      20141116_120039


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