True & Brave Coffee Roasters

20141016_165219-1   20141016_170755

Located inside Atwater Crossing, which is a small complex with a restaurant and space for various events, is a small counter that serves up some delicious espresso drinks and coffee of their own roasting.


Near this counter, there is extremely limited indoor seating, but due to the shared space design of the complex, there is plenty of outdoor patio seating under red and white umbrellas, or at the long wooden bench in the corner.

20141016_165412  20141016_170143  20141016_170513  20141016_171921

The coffee can also be taken inside to the bar next door, where patrons can enjoy both caffeinated and alcoholic drinks in a  spacious, industrial-inspired atmosphere. A splash of black and white graphic print decor modernizes the bar and counter area.


I enjoyed an expertly crafted macchiato on a late weekday afternoon, and the small neighborhood location away from busy streets makes True & Brave a hidden gem with stress-free street parking. Pictured below are apartment complexes across the street from Atwater Crossing in this quiet neighborhood in Northeast Los Angeles.



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