Go Get Em Tiger

Processed with VSCOcam 

LARCHMONT VILLAGE – Along a street of upscale boutiques, restaurants, and specialty shops is a coffee bar that serves what the New York Times has called “The Best Iced Latte in America.” On an early sunny afternoon, I walked into the casual chic space and decided to try the special macadamia nut milk latte. I placed my order with the barista by walking up to the long wooden bar, designed to function like a beer/wine bar with no formal lines. The lattes were served in turquoise tinted mason jars, matching the hipster aesthetic of the shop.


The seating mainly consisted of small shelf-like tables against the wall with boxy wooden stools, or standing at the main counter/bar. Small potted plants, figurines, and vintage-looking trinkets are displayed on the polished white shelves. Neatly organized bags of coffee beans, books, magazines, and other merchandise for sale lined another white shelf, along with snapback hats with the embroidered store name, “gget.”

Overall, the Go Get Em Tiger coffee bar is a good stop for some unique and quality coffee concoctions in an area of Los Angeles that has a small-town, yet trendy feel.

20140913_173922   20140913_173918   20140913_170332   20140913_165445


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