De Cafe Baristas


Nestled in Monterey Park, CA, is this gem of a coffee shop. De Cafe Baristas serves some quality coffee in a relaxing setting. It is a small space within a plaza that includes an AMC Theatre, 24 Hour Fitness, and several restaurants and shops. On the bright side, there is a free underground parking structure below the plaza, as well as the streets surrounding the area, making this a cozy neighborhood spot that can be easily reached. What really sets this place apart is the customer service. Down-to-earth baristas will take a seat next to you at your table as they pour latte art into your cup. The customers are also often engaged in friendly chatter with the baristas, who seem to be very knowledgeable about their coffee and enjoy their work.

In summary, De Cafe Baristas is a great space for artisan coffee without any pretentious air or overly trendy decor. Although the chai latte pictured here had too much milk for my taste, their espresso-based drinks are on point.


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