Taza. A Social Coffee House.

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Hearing about Taza serving up coffee from specialty coffee roasters, I stopped by on a sunny morning to check out this place nestled in downtown Arcadia. The space was smaller than I expected, with one communal table in the center, and a few more small tables surrounding it. However, the decor was done tastefully for such a small space. A peeling wooden desk with a typewriter added a splash of vintage to the classic little coffee shop.

Outside, they also have a single red, wooden picnic-style table against an interesting painted wall mural. On this particular morning, my two friends and I shared the table with a woman and her daughter, and a dog that someone had tied to the bench while they stepped inside to order. Taza claims to be a social coffee house, and I wondered if these large tables and the small size of the store were meant to contribute to a social environment.

Overall, Taza seems like a good place to catch up with friends or to grab a quick of coffee, but with no restroom and limited seating, not the best place to get settled in and situated.


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