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SWORK COFFEE BAR, in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles, is a bright, airy, and cozy space on the corner of a busy intersection. Seating was plentiful with lots of small tables, a larger wooden communal table, counter space, and outdoor seating. The decor includes brick walls and a lot of wood paneling, reminiscent of IKEA. What stood out to me was the kids’ play area (pictured above), which added to the IKEA vibe.

With outlets that included USB ports running all along the counter seats and near the tables, cool baristas, and soft lighting, the place seemed very conducive to work or for relaxing when I visited in the evening time.

Good cup of cappucino with lots of milk foam. This place is slightly hipster, but comfortable.


5 thoughts on “Swork

  1. Your writing on Swork makes me want to pay a visit if and when I get to the area. As usual, I love the pics. Keep up the fab work. By the way, thank you for reading my piece on ‘Dutty Gal’.

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